club winged manakin



Visit Las Cotingas Bird Reserve.

 We`re delighted to have you here amid to the world of nature wonders

Las Cotingas bird reserve mindo

Why Las Cotingas Bird Reserve?

Its privilaged location at the western slopes of the andes of Ecuador.

Early by the morning till 9:00 am good chances to see some of the mentioned birds.

Near Mindo, just 10 minutes drive from it.

A very important part of water resources.

Support one of the local people involved in the conservation and preservation of a beautiful area of the northwestern part of Ecuador cloudforest.

rolando garcia at Las Cotingas bird reserve

Endemic birds seen at the Reserve.

  • Club winged manakin (rare), violet tailed sylph, white wiskered hermit, velvet purple coronet, brown inca, andean cock of the rock, orange breasted fruiteater, black chinned mountain tanager.


Other birds also seen at the Reserve:

  • Golden headed quetzal, golden tanager, blue gray tanager, golden naped tanager, orange bellied euphonia, black capped tanager, scale fruiteater.



Andean cock of the rock lek

andean cock of the rock lek in Mindo

Orange breasted fruiteater.

orange breasted fruiteater mindo

Black chinned mountain tanager

black chinned mountain tanager mindo