Las Cotingas bird reserve


Rolando oldest son (who passed away 4 years ago) was an enthusiastic man in ecotourism. Since then Rolando started to paint birds of his reserve. The Reserve is privately owned (by Rolando and his wife and daughter and the other younger son). One of his neighbors has also joined to his project as part of Las Cotingas Bird Reserve - 60 hectares total. Located on the western slopes of the Andes mountains this reserve forms part of the Ecoroute of El Quinde near Mindo Ecuador.

All Cloudforest Reserves located on this part of the Andes in fact form part of the preservation and conservation of this amazing and unique ecosystem. While visiting this part of the world, located in Ecuador, South America you absolutely help in protecting while enjoying and learning about birds with the interaction with other living life forms" Richard Hernandez from kindly suggests to visit the Cloudforest in Ecuador. Rolando Garcia is a leader of his community and profoundly in loved of the birds and through this he helps to preserve the forest as an important part of the water resources.

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